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Baby killing psychopaths!

Let's parteeeeee.

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Oh I have arguement and plenty of it. But arguing with you "down with the man" hippies is like, well, arguing with a psychotic murderer.

-id0ntkn0w, during a troll-fest in deanis's journal.


This is a sister community to sluts4choice and is run along similar lines. See the sluts4choice userinfo for a broad idea of what we're about and what is expected here. As with sluts4choice, members must be unconditionally pro-choice and will be screened by a mod or maintainer before approval. All entries here are to be friends only.

Your creator is caturdaze and your maintainers are the unapologetically pro-death, baby-hating sluts caturdaze, _stasha, auntiesiannan and bestdaywelived. Please feel free to PM any community questions or concerns to caturdaze (though, be warned, any pro-lie troll messages will be pasted either here, in the sluts4choice community or in both and mercilessly, vigorously mocked before the authors are reported to lj abuse).

Our community icons come courtesy of the lovely, brilliant, bright, creative, pro-lie pwning sluts4choice and masters of l33t unkai and scorpi084!
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